Learning From Cyberattacks Without Compromising Privacy

19 Mar 2018, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Rms G.01-G.02, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, 15 Stout Street, Wellington, New Zealand Map

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CERT NZ is a government national cyber security unit launched in April 2017. CERT NZ works at all levels of the economy, supporting businesses, organisations and everyday New Zealanders who are affected (or may be affected) by cyber security incidents.

At this OPC PrivacyLive Forum, CERT NZ's Manager of Engagement and Communications, Katie Wellington, will talk about how her agency deals with personal information in the data it collects, and how it uses the data to inform New Zealand organisations and businesses about actual cyber threats. Katie will talk about trends in the cyber attacks and issues which CERT NZ is seeing in the landscape that can affect the security and privacy of personal information.

Because CERT NZ deals with personal information from the individuals and organisations who report incidents, privacy is a core consideration. A core part of CERT NZ's role is how it uses that information to help New Zealanders better protect themselves against cyber security threats while also maintaining individual privacy.

About the presenter:

Katie Wellington led the service design, engagement and communications streams in establishing CERT NZ which has won several awards since as a project and for its website. Katie brings nearly 20 years' experience working across the public and private sectors, including five years in telecommunications and a decade in government.

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